Carriage Driving …

. . .  is one of the most exciting and popular equestrian pursuits in the country.  The British Driving Society (BDS) was formed in 1957 and is the National organisation for a range of carriage driving activities.  The aim of the Society is to support and encourage people interested in carriage driving.  And welcome to the British Driving Society website. We hope you find the website both interesting and useful.   It will continue to be developed over the coming months with more information and news.



Well I’m not sure where time goes but the year just seems to be flying by. Many shows and events have been fortunate to have big numbers forward which is really encouraging both in terms of the future outlook for carriage driving, and for the organisers & volunteers who dedicate so much time and effort to enable the events to take place. Unfortunately, some have not been so well supported, and as a team we need to look and see what learnings can be taken to hopefully turn things around for future years.

Another point which has been encouraging is seeing so many ‘new faces’ taking part, it is really important that we encourage new blood in to carriage driving and offer them all the support and help we can.

The council and committees of the BDS, once we had recovered from Smiths Lawn, have been working full steam ahead on a wide number of things, including:

  • Elaine (McCarthy) and Sue (Mills) have been completing the ‘tidy up’ activities following the office move, and reviewing the passport processes.
  • Justin (Cowles), Minta (Winn), Colin (Pawson), and Brenda (Ball) are working hard on landing the new training scheme.
  • The Judges committee have a number of challenges from the season to date that they are currently working through.
  • John (Hollister) supported by Julie (Elliott) is busy with the planning and administration for Addington.
  • Whilst Rosemary (Neale) and the newly formed team are looking at how we engage and communicate better with the membership.

In addition the ACs and AACs continue to put a sterling amount of work in to managing their areas. It really is a ‘non stop’ operation.

Talking about the team, just a further reminder that the council elections are now upon us, and I will reiterate my plea which I have made over recent months to use your votes wisely. This year we have six top class candidates who are up for election. Each of them have a great set of skills and enthusiasm for the sport, and all of them already have enviable track records which demonstrate just how much they are willing to put in to continue to drive the society forwards. Voting papers have been issued with the BDS Summer Newsletter and you still have a few weeks in which to submit your votes.

Finally, just to wish you all the best for the remainder of the season and hopefully I will catch up with many of you at both Addington and the AGM..

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