Pony Club Carriage Driving Badges

The Pony Club have both a Mini Achievers and an Achievers badge for Carriage Driving

Pony club members will be required to do the following:-


…to gain their Mini Achievers badge: –

  • Name 5 or 6 pieces of harness: Breast harness / Pad, crupper and breeching / Traces / Reins / Blinkers
  • Name or recognise different vehicles and parts of the vehicle: Swingletree / Shafts / Wheels /Seat / 2 wheelers / 4 wheelers.

… to gain their Achievers Badge ;

  • Be able to put a pony to with adult help.
  • To be able to put all the harness on in the right order and put a single to a 2 wheel vehicle.
  • To be able to drive off at the walk and halt with adult supervision.
  • Unharness afterwards.

Young people should please contact their local Pony Club branch about these badges & be sure to mention the British Driving Society as suitable training providers .