The Dog Cart

A general purpose two wheeled vehicle for a single horse used for transporting a gentleman, his loader, and his gun dogs, the latter being carried under the seat with side ventilation slats for their comfort. However the seating arrangement allows for four people if needed, two facing forward and two rear facing.
Also used for shopping trips, collecting a visitor from the railway station and other tasks.

Four wheeled Dog Carts are also popular, having seats for four persons and more room for their dogs. These may be suitable for a single when shafts are fitted, and a pair or other multiple with a pole in place and seen quite frequently in a Country Vehicle show class.
Four-wheeled vehicles remain level on their own, and so the shafts or pole are hinged vertically, allowing them to rise and fall with the movement of the animals. A four-wheeled vehicle is also steered by the shafts or pole,which are attached to the front axle; this swivels on a turntable or “fifth wheel” beneath the vehicle.