Training & Qualifications

Following our previous statement we are pleased to announce our withdrawal
from our regulator ofqual with immediate effect. The process was completed
promptly to enable the training committee to enhance its suite of
qualifications to ensure the BDS provides the sport with an up to date,
affordable, achievable and creditable qualification to its learners.

Our planned launch of the qualifications is at the BDS AGM in October
however if anyone has organised an assessment day we would ask you contact
the BDS office immediately for advice on how to proceed.

Naturally we are excited for the society as this redirection will enable us
to set objectives that should be far more achievable for the society and its
current infrastructure.

On a final note we would reassure all those who have already achieved
qualifications with the BDS that these are still valid despite any changes
to our offerings. We would also remind everyone this will also mean the
society will not be offering WATOs in any format.

Please feel free to send comments, suggestions or recommendations to the
chairman of training committee Justin Cowles via the main BDS office.