Introduction to the Commissioners for Young Drivers

Your Commissioners Supporting Young Drivers in the BDS


Your Commissioners Supporting Young Drivers in the BDS

Emily Ham and Vicky Morris are the BDS Commissioners for Young Drivers. Both have been driving for many years and have a wealth of experience. They both started driving with the BDS as young juniors and are enthusiastic and keen to encourage others. They hope you enjoy finding all about the opportunities for young people within the BDS by browsing the sections here.

They are very happy to help and also enjoy hearing your driving news. They manage the BDS Young Drivers facebook page as well as organising a monthly newsletter for young members, in addition to driving activities and training.

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Meet Your Commissioners

“I’m Emily Ham, Junior Commissioner, and I’m 29 years old. As someone who has come up through the juniors in the BDS, I am very keen to ensure we have an active young driver membership with as many activities as possible at local as well as national level. Quite a few of you will know me from young driver activities, as I’ve been very involved for the past six years  in organising BDS camps and training days as well as the portfolios and  BDS Scholarship days.

I started driving with Sherry, a 9 hand Shetland, and had excellent training as a BDS junior as well as the opportunity to enjoy cones, camp, showing, socials, pleasure driving and fun events. There are many interesting places to visit and things to do as well as the portfolios and other schemes for you to take part in.

I’ve enjoyed BDS activities and driving trials with a Section A, a pony pair, and my perfect partner in harness- a Section C stallion called Crossfield Glory. Like me, he adored Private Driving, Attelage and also driving trials – nationally and internationally. I now drive a Section D Welsh cob, Alfie.

I’ve also driven tandem and team and have completed my BDS qualifications as well as my UKCC Coaching Certificate. I’m happy to help in any way I can and am really looking forward to hearing from you!

I welcome any suggestions from those supporting the young drivers as well as our junior members about their driving, what they enjoy and what they would like to do.

My aim is to get to know you all, not just by name. I am always happy to help. Please do get in touch!”

Emily Ham

“Hello to all of our Young Drivers around the UK! As the BDS’s new Young Driver Ambassador, I would like to introduce myself to you all. I am Vicky Morris, I live in Dorset, I am 26 and you may know me through the Victoria Foods Extravaganza or Victoria Foods.

I have 3 Welsh Section C ponies, and love competing in private driving classes and driving teams of horses.  I have also driven pairs and tried indoor carriage driving.  One of my ponies is called Barney who my family have owned for 17 years, we have done lots of private driving classes together and he has taught me lots about driving and handling ponies.

We also have Bob, who is 10 years old, which is my current private driving pony.  I drive him to a lovely 1894 stick back gig. Lastly, we have Sox, who we acquired in March 2020 and she is my current project to drive next year. I go on regular drives around our lanes with them and compete in Private Driving classes across the South West in Somerset, Dorset, Cornwall and Wiltshire.

I am very excited about the future of the BDS Young Drivers, and helping youngsters is something I love to do and I can’t wait to have lots of keen members thoroughly enjoying themselves. We will be organising some great events and hoping to encourage lots of youngsters to progress their skills and learn about carriage driving. I can’t wait to hear what you have all been up to, and your ideas for the BDS’s future.”   

Vicky Morris

Emily Ham Junior Commissioner


Vicky Morris


Emily with Alfie


Vicky With Danny


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