Concours International Attelage de Tradition

Attelage de Tradition is an exciting new Continental carriage driving competition that is run under the rules of the AIAT (Association Internationale d`Attelage de Tradition) to which the BDS subscribes.

It is a competition designed to promote the use of original traditional carriages built before 1945 and to encourage best practice carriage driving.   Pre 1945 carriages carry more favourable marks than post 1945 carriages to encourage their use and heritage.

The event is open to singles, pairs, tandems, multiples in any traditional type carriage as well as traditional trade turnouts and is normally staged over two days with much emphasis on various social events during that time – meet & greet party, gala dinner, prize giving, final parade.

The Attelage is a three-stage competition with strict guidelines:-

  1. Presentation – where turnouts are judged individually by three AIAT judges who look for overall impression, condition of the horse , carriage, harness & the passengers.
  2. Routier (Road drive) – – including a 15kn optimum timed drive with 5 planned difficulties as might be encountered on a country drive.
  3. Maniabilite (Cones) – driven over a gently flowing course of 20 cone gates within an optimum time.

On completion of the stages, all the scores are collated and calculated to reveal the overall category winners.

Sponsors are always needed for various essential components of the competition so please don`t hesitate to offer your assistance to the organiser of any Attelage.


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