The management and administration of the Society is vested in the Council,
who have the authority to delegate functions and duties to such committees as it may designate.

Patron: HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, KG, KT

Chairman:  Neil Wray
Vice Chairman: Julie Elliott
Vice Presidents: John Parker, John Richards, OBE, DL. Linda Tate, Sallie Walrond, Barrie Luck, Eugene Larkin

Elected Members of Council
Neil Wray, BDS Chairman – retires October 2021
Julie Elliott – retires October 2019
Roger Hopton – retires October 2019
Barrie Luck – retires October 2021
Kendall Young (co-opted 19th March 2019 – 19th October 2019)

Co-opted Branch Chairmen; 
Penny Hopkins – retires October 2021
Caroline Watson – retires October 2021
Mervyn Ward – retires December 2021