The David Snowdon BDS Young Driver Award

The David Snowdon BDS Junior Driver Award

The David Snowdon BDS Young Driver Award is run by Eileen and John Snowdon, and it is an annual achievement scheme in memory of their son David Snowdon.
David, unfortunately died in April 1995, aged 15, suffered from Cystic Fibrosis.  He was a well known and very successful competitor with his  Shetland ponies.  He had gained several Red Rover Rosettes with Peanuts and his pair,  Gometra Halyard and Elson Firebird.  He was a BDS Junior Whip Champion and had won through to the final of the Thimbleby & Shorland BDS National Championships.

The aim of the scheme is to encourage all junior members of the British Driving Society to drive at as many driving events as they can by providing an achievement award to aim for.  This should also give young drivers more driving experience while having fun at the same time.  Every entrant will receive a certificate.

The rules and points system for the award, together with a sheet for you to fill in during the twelve month period can be found on the website. If you run out of space on your sheet, please continue on a plain piece of paper using the same headings.  And we are always pleased to receive comments.  Please remember to send your completed sheet and any continuation sheets to the address given on the sheet by 28th February.

Wishing every Young Driver a successful and enjoyable year – Eileen & John Snowdon

For the David Snowdon Award Record Card click here => David Snowdon Award Record Card

Rules and Points System for the David Snowdon BDS Young Driver Award

  1. All participants must be junior members of the British Driving Society
  1. The age range is 10 to 18 yrs inclusive
  1. To be eligible for the points the junior must the Whip, not the groom
  1. The show or event must be affiliated to the BDS or British Carriagedriving or similar society.
  1. Full details of each event, training day, etc. must be entered on the form provided and must be signed by the Judge, Show Secretary or Event Organiser.
  1. The award is based on points obtained over a 12 month period which runs from 1st Feb to 31st
  1. Rules, information and entry forms can be obtained from the BDS Secretary
  1. Forms must be returned to the address shown by 28th
  1. All participants will receive a certificate for taking part. The junior obtaining the highest number of points will receive a winner’s trophy to keep. There will also be a trophy for each of the two runners-up.

The points will be allocated as follows:

  1. Competitive events: These include private driving, singles or multiples, with or without road drives; Concours d’Elegance; trade turnouts; dressage; cross country; cones; scurry driving; handy pony and the driven section of ride and drive.

1st 12, 2nd 10, 3rd 8, 4th 6, 5th 4, 6th and below 2 points

Additional points: Show Champion 8, Reserve Show Champion 4.

Classes restricted to juniors only, half points.

 Non competitive events such as long distance drives, displays, sponsored charity drives and BDS social drives: 2 points for going.

  1. Attending Junior Whip Camp and instruction days: 3 points per day

Please give the mileage you have driven in any event involving a road drive, as this will be used to determine the winner in the event of a tie.

Please give details of any special rosette or award obtained at the event.

Additional points to be awarded as follows:-

BDS Best Junior Whip rosette              2 points                        BDS LDD bronze award 2 points
BDS Road  Drive rosette                       2 points                        BDS LDD silver award   4 points
Osborne Refrigerators semi-finalist   2 points                        BDS LDD gold award    8 points
Osborne Refrigerators finalist             4 points                        BDS tests or NVQ prelim 2 points
BDS Red Rover rosette                         8 points                                                        interm 4 points
Clear round cones (one round per show) 2 points                                                advanc 8 points
Tandem bars                                          8 points                        Grooms test        2 points                        BDS scholarship                                     8 points