Calendar – Hints & Tips

To find different types of events type any of the following into where it says ‘Search’ and click ‘Find Events’.  Drive, Social, Show, Trec, Training.

To find events that are happening in your area type in your area number where it says ‘Search’ and click ‘Find Events’.  You only need to type in the number, nothing else. You can combine searching for types of events with Area numbers.  For example to find social events in North Wiltshire type ’18 Social’ in.  Area numbers are given below.


Beds, Bucks & Herts is Area 10 Oxfordshire is Area 51
Berkshire is Area 11 Shropshire is Area 27
Cheshire is Area 12 Somerset & Avon is Area 28
Cornwall is Area 13 Suffolk, Cambridgeshire & Huntingdon is Area 24
Cumbria is Area 14 Surrey is Area 29
Derbyshire & Staffordshire is Area 15 Sussex, East is Area 30
Devon is Area 16 Sussex West is Area 60
Dorset & South Wiltshire is Area 33 Warwickshire, West Midlands & Northamptonshire is Area 31
Essex & North London is Area 17 Wiltshire, North & Gloucestershire is Area 18
Hampshire is Area 19 Worcestershire is Area 32
Herefordshire is Area 57 Yorkshire & Cleveland is Area 34
Isle of Wight is Area 58 Mid East Wales is Area 56
Kent is Area 20 North East Wales is Area 37
Lancashire is Area 21 North West Wales is Area 55
Leicestershire is Area 22 South East Wales is Area 49
Lincolnshire is Area 23 South Mid Wales is Area 48
Norfolk is Area 52 West South Wales is Area 38
Northumberland & Durham is Area 25 West Wales is Area 36
Nottinghamshire & South Yorkshire is Area 26