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An Introduction for the young drivers about the BDS and its membership


Introduction to the BDS Young Drivers

Young people are welcome to join the British Driving Society where you’ll find a whole range of exciting activities to enjoy. There are junior camps and training days, rallies and visits on offer, as well as a fabulous monthly newsletter just for the young driver membership.

The society offers opportunities to participate fully and enjoy the experience of driving a pony and carriage even if you don’t have access to a turnout at home. At our training days and annual camps you use experienced driving ponies and horses and everything is provided for you. This has been the starting point for many young drivers who have then gone on to participate fully in the driving activities offered such as trec, showing and rallies.

Some young drivers have had support from the buddy system throughout, while others have been inspired and have had an outgrown or current pony broken to driving.


Whatever your situation – if you are keen we can help you on the path to realise your dreams!

BDS Junior Drivers
BDS Junior Drivers
junior whip Winner

What is the thrill of driving that makes it so special?

Ask anyone who drives and there are so many answers but all agree that it is hugely enjoyable and exhilarating. It is also the most sociable of the horse disciplines as, with exception of harness racing, there are always at least two people involved closely together with the turnout. The driver shares the experience on the carriage with the helper, or groom. You therefore have a close companion to chat to and to help you out as needed, giving you both confidence and companionship. Some carriages take more than two people so it can become a family outing.


A new world of adventure opens up to you:

British Driving Society fun cones
British driving society junior driver

Once you learn the skills of carriage driving you can try so many different activities – from drives through the countryside to fun days with activities like steering between pairs of cones. You can even try driven dressage to music, with or without a fancy dress theme!

You might develop an interest in showing classes and there are a large number of different options within driven showing. There is the three phase trec event spread over a day which the BDS has adapted from the popular ridden sport of Le Trec. All this in addition to training days and junior camps, the BDS young drivers have a great range of opportunities.

For some drivers it is a springboard into other driving sports such as driving trials and many BDS juniors go on to enjoy both.

Driving and so much more:

There are also local and national awards and competitions to enter as well as many activities and mini competitions monthly in the junior newsletter. Better still, every year there is the amazing opportunity to be awarded a generous bursary, to be spent with an agreed instructor or trainer of your choice.

Membership: The Young Driver Commissioners are very enthusiastic and happy to help with your queries and in supporting you. Junior Membership is incredibly good value. 


Once you are 18, as a Young Adult, you will still be supported by the BDS Young Drivers and commissioners and be able to enjoy this active vibrant driving community. We recognise that the experienced and keen young adults have much to offer and welcome their input and continued participation with the Young Drivers as well as the main membership.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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