Driving Digest – Dorset & South Wiltshire

Drive from Dogdean Farm Sunday 23rd August 2015

The morning of the drive from Dogdean  Farm was wet to say the least.  As we sat at breakfast the rain was really heavy and lashing the window.   Shall we go we debated?  Yes of course we would, we must put up with a little discomfort for the sake of our hobby.  So Jake was loaded on to the lorry, all be it a little reluctantly.  So armed with wellingtons, waterproof leggings and coats we set off through the heavy rain.   Along the way the road was flooded in several places and we began to wonder if we would even be able to get into Ann’s field let alone out again. We must be mad.

By the time we arrived thankfully the rain had eased to just a drizzle. There were already 4 other brave turnouts there getting ready to drive.   Ann welcomed us and showed us to our parking spot, we decanted Jake and the carriage and made a quick coffee which we drank while putting the harness on.  During this short time the rain stopped and the grey clouds were being replaced with some blue sky, hooray.

We fitted Jake with his reflective martingale and hat, donned our own waterproof reflective jackets and set off up the hill to head for the forest where a kind steward let us in through the barrier.  From then on we had a wonderful drive along the forestry tracks, the sun was shining the air was clear but it was not hot, and it was fly free.    Stewards saw us over the road crossings so we were all safe at the necessary places.There were 8 turnouts who made the drive which was about 8 miles, with a fair chunk of forestry tracks, as well as quiet lanes.

We were joined later in the day by an 9th turnout who just joined us take part in the challenging cones course that Ann and Terry had laid out for us to tackle upon our return from the drive.  We all had several attempts to get round and had good fun.

The day came to a close with a gathering in the barn for some catch up information from A. C, Dryden Pennington, a good chat and banter with friends and fellow drivers and the most important tea and some super homemade cakes that were eagerly enjoyed by everyone.

We made the right decision in the morning, having had a lovely drive,  good fun and spent time with friends.  That’s what driving should be all about.

And yes, we did get back out of Ann’s field with no problem.

Thank you, Ann and Terry for the venue and all those who gave up their time to help.  We can’t do it without you.

BDS Dorset & South Wiltshire Fun Day 10th May 2015

Hosted by East Holton Driving Centre ( RDA ) and by kind permission of Holton Lee.

The day was hugely successful, enjoyed by all and enthusiastically supported by our new area commissioner. The event took place entirely within the grounds of Holton Lee consisting of a short off road route through woods and fields, followed by ‘have a go” cones and obstacles on a low key help yourself basis.
In all, nine turnouts attended plus one disabled service user.
For quite a few this was a welcome return to a site that was used for shows and events run by the late Margaret Newell a few years ago.

Many thanks to all the helpers both BDS and RDA and especially Jonnie and Jane who gained permission and liaised with Holton Lee estate.