5 mins with …. Mandy Reddock

Mandy Reddock is an AAC in Herefordshire & has enjoyed much success in the show ring.

What’s your favourite colour and why?  And red, because it’s your favour rosette colour is not acceptable!                                                                                                          

Navy Blue as doesn’t show dirt so easily when you are around horses!

What time is breakfast and what do you have for breakfast?        

7.30am – cereals & orange juice.

How, and when, did you first get into carriage driving?                                       

Saw a Demonstration by the Hereford & District Driving Group at the Herefordshire Country Fair about 18 years ago, and decided I would like to break in our 11.2hh Section A Welsh pony.

Tell us about your most memorable carriage driving moment?

Winning the first ever Osborne Exercise Vehicle Championship held at Burghley Horse Trials.

Who was your favourite driving pony/horse?

Must have been Ben James (Section D Welsh) as we rode him as well.

If you couldn’t drive any more what would you miss most?

Seeing the gorgeous scenery on the rallies I attended.

What is your favourite type of carriage and why?

2 Wheeler Bennington Backstep Buggy, achieved such a lot on it.

If you could go back in time and meet someone who is no longer with us who would that be?

My mum as she missed all the carriage driving moments I have had. Her mother used to drive her pony around Conwy, North Wales and was a well-known figure on shopping days in the Town. She also bought the last Toll ticket over the old Conwy Suspension Bridge. (Have got a few photos of that special moment)

What is your worst carriage driving experience?

Being tipped out of a friend’s carriage when the belly band broke. Fortunately the horse was very good and knew something was up and just stood still.

Where would you like to see carriage driving going?

I feel carriage driving is on the up, which is good. 

With the roads being as busy as they are, making it compulsory to where high viz and hard hats when carriage drivers are using them. Possibly making everyone who uses the highway takes a compulsory road test. I know this will anger a lot of people but this would help with insurance and other road users being a little more sympathetic!!