5 mins with . . . . . Margaret Honeybourne

Margaret Honeybourne is the ex AC for The Isle of Wight & still enjoys driving her ponies for pleasure & at shows. M Honeybourne2

What’s your favourite colour and why?

Turquoise it is cool and pretty.

What time is breakfast and what do you have for breakfast?

8  o`clock and I have egg and bacon or boiled eggs. I do not eat any bread.

How, and when, did you first get into carriage driving?

32 years ago when I met someone who knew how to train ponies to go in a carriage we first broke my daughters small pony to drive. I loved it.

Tell us about your most memorable carriage driving moment?

Being reserve Mountain and Moorland champion with Rushmoor Dark Lady II at The BDS                  Championship show at Towerlands 2007                                             

Who was your favourite driving pony/horse ?

New Forest pony Rushmoor Dark Lady II.

If you couldn`t drive any more what would you miss most?

The excitement of driving at the New Forest Show.

What is your favourite type of carriage and why?

Four Wheeled spider phaeton. I have a beautifully built one dated 1896. It is light and so comfortable with padded leather seats and good springing.

If you could go back in time and meet someone who is no longer with us who would that be?

Charlton Heston

What is your worst driving experience?

Many years ago I went on a picnic with my partner he asked to drive back home. He was not a novice. We had to go up a hill with a very narrow road. There were cows between a hedge and the fence and they took off as we approached causing the pony to rear and sit down then turn round and start to go back down the hill lunging forward and sitting down. My partner jumped out of the carriage taking the reins with him he was trying to hold on to her with difficulty and I decided to jump out of the two wheeled high carriage on to the road. I was hurt a bit and was sick, probably the shock. He did manage to pull the pony up the harness was all broken and we had that good old thing baler twine and spares. I repaired it satisfactorily and I drove home without any problems. I always thought that if I had been driving I would have been quicker with the whip and would have pushed her on past the cows.

Where would you like to see carriage driving going?

Things have changed from when I started roads are very busy. I would like more places accessible to drive and the cycle paths opened up for carriage or bridle ways made wider to accommodate carriages even if we had to pay for keys.