New Forest ROW

We are really fortunate in Hampshire to have access to some of the best off-road carriage driving in the country – whether it be along by-ways, through the New Forest or across the South Downs.

We have 141 miles of restricted by-ways, plus a further 178 miles of by-ways open to all traffic and 485 miles of bridleways, all of which require maintaining.  Carriage driving is a minority sport compared to horse riding, cycling and walking and we need to ensure we contribute and influence decisions as to where precious resources are allocated.  For further information about ROW in the New Forest please email Gail Johnson at

Stop Press!  The Meon Valley Trail

This Trail is a fantastic 10 mile/18k trail that follows the old railway line winding its way through the beautiful Hampshire Countryside. Hampshire County Council has recently agreed to dedicate the route as a bridleway and restricted byway (the latter between West Meon and Somerton) thereby formalising the ridden and carriage driving access that currently takes place. This truly is a multi-user route and, in partnership with the South Downs National Park Authority, HCC is repairing the surface to accommodate all users – walkers, cyclists, horse riders, people with disabilities, families, and carriage drivers.   The vegetation has been cut back along the route providing fine views and the track repaired to bridleway standard. This work has caused a lot of frustration with local horse riders and we would ask that our members are sensitive to the situation. As responsible users of rights of way, we should all be able to appreciate the needs of others who wish to enjoy the same safe access to our wonderful countryside as ourselves. In this respect, we would therefore kindly ask you do not use the Trail until it is re-opened.For more information on the improvements to the Meon Valley Trail follow these links:


Stop Press! Shipwright’s Way

Shipwright’s Way is described as a multi-user route that starts at Alice Holt (near Farnham) and finishes at Portsmouth. It is 50 miles long and includes both on and off-road access. It is currently open to walkers, cyclists, horse riders and people with disabilities. We are making enquiries about how carriage drivers could use this route and will post further information on this website as and when it becomes available.   In the meantime you may like to visit their website for more information.  It looks like an interesting route and will eventually include 20 sculptures that tell the historical story of this route.

Hampshire Area BDS New Forest Driving Routes

Click on a Carriage Driving Route to see further details, we recommend also taking the Ordnance Survey map ‘Explorer OL22’.  The routes have all been contributed by local members of the BDS. We hope you will enjoy using them and would be happy to receive your comments and suggestions for other routes.

  1. Frogham to Fritham via Hampton Ridge (9 miles, returning by route 2) NF Route 01
  2. Fritham to Frogham via Ogdens (9 miles, returning by route 1) NF Route 02
  3. Milkham to Rockford Common, returning via Broomy. (10 miles) NF Route 03
  4. Cadman’s Pool, Holly Hatch, Sloden and Splash Bridge. (8 or 5 miles) NF Route 04
  5. Ocknell, Mogshade, Sandy Ridge and Slufters. (9miles) NF Route 05
  6. Dames Slough and Burley Outer Rails from Anderwood (5¼ miles) NF Route 06
  7. Highland Water and Holidays Hill from Bolderwood (5, 7, or 9 miles) NF Route 07
  8. Wootton Bridge and Wilverley (3 or 6 miles) NF Route 08
  9. Blackwater and Rhinefield Circuit (4½ miles – or combine with rt. 10) NF Route 09
  10. Whitefield Moor, Hurst Hill and Ober Corner (6 miles) NF Route 10
  11. Standing Hat, Parkhill and Denney (10 miles) NF Route 11
  12. Beaulieu Road, Pigbush, Parkhill and Matley (12 miles) NF Route 12
  13. Hawkhill to Beaulieu Road and Denney (12 miles) NF Route 13
  14. Burley and Holmsley circuit (4.5 or 7.5 miles) NF Route 14
  15. Woods Corner to High Corner Inn (12 miles) NF Route 15