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BDS Health & Safety

Accident Prevention

As in all walks of life accidents will occasionally happen but many may be avoided by following the guidelines below.

  • All harness should be in a sound condition and adjusted to fit the horse or pony.
  • No horse or pony may be driven with out a bit.
  • The vehicle should be in sound condition and of a type suitable for the terrain to be covered.
  • Never put a horse/pony into an environment which you believe it will find alien.
  • Before attending a group event e.g. rally, show, ensure that your horse is happy driving with other turnouts.
  • When driving in company never move off adjacent to another horse being put to without checking that the other driver is happy for you to do so.
  • When driving in company leave sufficient distance from the vehicle in front to permit change of pace or direction.
  • After descending a slope remember that all turnouts behind must be clear of the slope before anyone increases pace.
  • Look well ahead and remember what you miss(!) that your horse sees could be the start of a problem.
  • Avoid driving on the highway at dawn/dusk and at night. If this cannot be avoided reflective clothing and carriage stickers are essential.
  • After lighting-up time vehicles on the highway must have reflectors and red rear electric lamps – candle lamps do not provide sufficient lighting.
  • Your whip is an aid – and should be in your hand and not the whip socket.
  • Never tie a turnout to a fixed object with a horse/pony still in the shafts.
  • Never tie a turnout to another turnout.
  • Never dismount from the vehicle unless you have someone at the horse’s head.
  • Never remove the bridle until the horse is free of the vehicle.
  • Always approach a ridden horse with extreme care.
  • An active groom or passenger should be carried in the vehicle at all times.
  • Always stop in a space which allows you to exit easily at any time, especially applicable to groups.
  • Pass pedestrians and other horses, ridden or driven, carefully – not too close or fast.

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