Commissioner for Young Drivers







As someone who has come up through the juniors in the BDS I am very keen to ensure we have an active young driver membership with as many activities as possible at local as well as national level. I started driving with Sherry a 9 hand Shetland and had excellent training as a BDS junior as well as the opportunity to enjoy cones, camp, showing, socials, pleasure driving and fun events. There are many interesting places to visit and things to do.

I welcome any suggestions from those supporting the young drivers and of course would love to hear from our junior members about their driving, what they enjoy and what they would like to do.

My aim is to get to know you all, not just by name, so please send me some information about yourself and what you have been doing. Please come over and introduce yourself if the opportunity arises – at Shows & Events etc. I am always happy to help. Please do get in touch !

Emily Ham
Commissioner for Junior Members

My email is