Risk Assessment


Guidance notes for completion of the BDS Event Risk Assessment


Risk Assessment

Step 1

The first step of the risk assessment is to identify the hazards associated with your event in column one.  Remember a “hazard” is something with the potential to cause harm.  (Listed below are some examples for each activity type) now you have decided what could cause injury/harm ask yourself how this would happen ie what is the consequence.  For example. Loose Horse (Hazard) could knock people over causing injury but also cause property damage. (consequence).

Drive/Rally (example)

Loose Horses

Moving Vehicles

Other Road Users

Over Horsed Turnouts

Uneven Surface/Potholes


Other Events

Low Flying Aircraft


Water Crossing

Area Shows (example)


Loose Horses


Poor Fitting/Unsounded Harness


Your risk assessment should only include what you could reasonably be expected to know – you are not expected to anticipate unforeseeable risks.

Step 2

The next step is to decide who is at risk from harm.  This simply means who could be injured by the hazard. Record this in column two. For Example. The loose horse could injure spectators or other entrants of the event.

Step 3; Evaluate the Risk

Having identified the hazards, you then must decide how likely it is that harm will occur, ie the level of risk and what to do about it. What does this mean, all you need to decide is how you plan on controlling this risk, what measure you are putting in place on the day. For example, Loose horse. 1. All Lorries will be parked in a fenced and secure area. 2. Signage will be placed on the gate to ensure gate remains closed. 3. Steward will be assigned to gate responsibilities. Record this is column three.

Step 4; Record

Now its time to ensure that everything has been recorded and sent to the BDS Office before the event takes place.

Step 5; Review

It now time to ensure that you review the risk assessment on the day of the event or throughout the day to ensure that it is still current. If there are additional hazards now the event is here, ensure you record these. You MUST send this to the office after the event.

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