The Brian Sims Young Drivers Scholarship


This award is open to anyone who exhibits a ‘This is a prestigious annual Scholarship’. The qualifying age groups are 10-14 and 15 -18 with the winner of each age group being awarded a prize of £500 Training Bursary.


The Brian Sims BDS Young Driving Scholarship

There is also an additional award for the best driver, the Barbara Stoddart Trophy and a Certificate and trophy (kindly presented by Mr Ian Townsend) for the Best Portfolios in each age group.

We hope that Young Drivers from all parts of the country will take part and will take note of the Guidelines shown below.

Scholarship Guidelines

Dress to impress! You`ll need a suitable driving jacket, hard hat, gloves and apron.

Bring along a portfolio with photographs and text detailing your personal up to date carriage driving activities.

Demonstrate how to harness up a single horse or pony with breast and full collar, put – to either a two or four wheeler then take out and un-harness with full regard to safety.

Demonstrate and discuss the balance of a two wheel vehicle.

Demonstrate a safe and practical ability to drive a single horse or pony turnout (as provided) using the` English coaching` hand .

Be able to completely dismantle a single set of harness and re-assemble it. Be sure you can name all the parts of this harness.

Display a good knowledge of traditional vehicles, be able to name the different types and include the identification of springs, axles, shaft furniture.

You`ll also be interviewed about your driving career so far and what you would like to do in the future. Be prepared to chat to someone about your schooling perhaps, your holidays and maybe your pets and family.

Friendly tips …..

  • Bring warm clothing if it’s a chilly or wet day.
  • A picnic and hot drink might be a good idea.
  • Bring books or magazines to fill any waiting time.
  • A notepad and pen might be useful too.
  • A camera
  • Make sure you’ve practised everything listed many times before the day itself!

Hours of Operation

09:00am – 4:00pm


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